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Abbeyfield Australia

When is the right time?

Abbeyfield Australia is the perfect place for those who do not need to live in an assisted living home but are ready to make a change.


An Abbeyfield house is a large group home, it is an ordinary house in an ordinary street. The residents come and go as they please, socialise with other as much as desired, enjoy the support of a housekeeper and remain engaged in the community. We are a national not for profit organisation.


Who are eligible?

People who are over 55 who receive the Aged or disability pension who are capable of living independently.


Why choose an Abbeyfield House? 

You maintain your independence, but have the companionship of others when you need.

  •  You can have a support worker and home help, the same as in your own home.

  •  You have the privacy of your own room and ensuite.

  • Light and spacious rooms.

  • Beautiful outdoor gardens and surrounds.

  • Your friends and family can visit for meals or stay in the guest room.

  • Your individual tastes in food are catered for by the housekeeper.

  • Maintenance and house costs are covered by Abbeyfield Australia.

  • Everyone knows living at home extends and improves overall quality of life and enjoyment.

Make an Abbeyfield house your home.

Abbeyfield Australia
Abbeyfield Australia FAQs
Abbeyfield Australia

Search for your perfect Abbeyfield home

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about retirement living and housing options for older people.

Abbeyfield Australia offers independent housing to enrich our communities needs.

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