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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Abbeyfield Houses

My Room

1. What age can I move into a house?

​Our houses are generally suitable if you are 55 years of age and over and can no longer maintain your own home, or are possibly unable to afford to rent and maintain your own home.

Some of our houses are also NDIS friendly. There is no age limit on our disability houses.  Please contact us on (03) 9419 8222 or email for more information.


2. What is included in my room? 

All residents enjoy individual private suite comprising bedroom and ensuite.


3. What food is served?  How many meals do I get per day? 

​Nutritious meals are cooked onsite by the housekeeper, twice daily on weekdays and once a day on weekends.  The Abbeyfield residents prepare their own breakfast from supplies provided.

4. Do I have free internet and Wi-Fi? 

​Yes, you have access to unlimited internet and Wi-Fi.

6. Will you help me with cleaning my room and laundry?

Residents manage their own personal care as well as their own laundry and cleaning their own room. 

7. Can I have my support or homecare service providers attend the house?

Yes, based on your My Aged Care assessment or NDIS Plan, your supports can come to the house and provide their services such as cleaning your room, bathroom and doing your laundry.  These services need to be arranged by you and are your responsibility.

Common Area

8. What is included in the common/shared area? 

​Residents share a comfortable lounge room, dining room, garden and laundry.  Our residents live independently within a shared supportive environment.  The residents  ‘çome and go’ as they please, socialise with other residents as much as desired, enjoy the support of a housekeeper and remain engaged with the community.

​9.  Can I have visitors?  

​Yes you can have visitors. Abbeyfield Australia welcomes and encourages families to be involved. They are also welcome to join the residents at meal time or even a sleepover for a nominal fee by arrangement.

10. Can I have a pet?

We will let you know if it is suitable for the house and other residents upon application.​


11.  How do I know if Abbeyfield is the right place for me?  Can I have a trial period before deciding?  Is it free?

​Please call (03) 9419 8222 to arrange a tour.  Trials are available at each house for a small fee to determine if the model meets your needs. 

12. How much does it cost per month?

At an Abbeyfield house you only pay a house fee which is based on your Pension, Rental Assistance and Commonwealth Energy Supplement.  Please call us for further details.​


13.  What happens if I get sick and cannot look after myself?

​If you get sick at the house, we will call an ambulance on your behalf.  We will supply them with the medical form you have supplied to us and we will contact your emergency contact.

Abbeyfield Australia
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Abbeyfield Australia

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