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Leave us a gift in your Will

By leaving a gift in your Will is a meaningful legacy that will allow us to quickly attend to the most urgent community needs and help vulnerable people with lifechanging support.

How to include a gift in your Will?

When drafting your Will, you have 3 types of gifts:

  1. Specific Items of Value - This enables you to leave Abbeyfield Australia anything of value such as property, shares, artwork.    

  2. Pecuniary Legacy - where you leave Abbeyfield Australia a specific amount of money.

  3. Residual Legacy - It is the remaining balance after your loved ones and expenses are catered for.

Please seek legal advice

We recommend that you seek legal advice from an independent solicitor to ensure that you receive qualified advice and your final wishes are carried out as you intended.

Include the correct wording

If you have chosen to leave a gift in your Will to Abbeyfield Australia, we recommend that you discuss with your solicitor the wordings within your Will.  An example of of suggested wordings:

I give to Abbeyfield Australia Limited, Suite 4, 860 Doncaster Road, Doncaster East VIC 3109, ABN 91 005 954 905 for its general purpose and an authorised receipt from Abbeyfield Australia Limited will be a sufficient discharge for the executor(s) or trustee(s) :

A percentage :   .... % 

A specified sum or piece of property: .................

My whole estate: ...................

The residue of my whole estate: ....................

Get in touch

Please contact us for a confidential information about how leaving Abbeyfield Australia a gift can change the lives our our residents.  By letting us know about your generous gift, we are able to keep you informed about our community work and also ensure that your wishes are carried out as you intended.  You can change and update your Will at anytime if your circumstances change.  

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